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 Dear Lynn,

 We greatly appreciate your wonderful help today, for taking a reduced rate and then staying for so many extra  hours to help us! That  
 was so generous of you! We could not have done it without you! You have a great calming, accepting presence that allowed us to focus
 on the task and not bicker and fight! We ended up getting the whole thing done with about 6 boxes we needed to have more time to go
 through, so we had to put them back in. I will send you the after photos tomorrow, it is reallly impressive. Now I think we will finally get
 rid of this storage unit which has just been a money drain for 15 years! Again, thank you Lynn for your very wonderful help!

 Rebecca K. & Kris G., Sacramento, CA
 Dear Lynn,

 Success at last! That's the way I feel after working with you. Having lived in this house for 20 years, raising our four children here, and
 being married to a collector (pack rat), I felt hopelessly buried in "stuff." Try as I might to organize, the "stuff" was winning and I was
 beginning to resign myself to being buried in clutter. It was a terrible feeling. I felt selling this house to downsize for retirement an
 impossibility. Then I learned about your business from a friend.

 After our first meeting, I felt like I had been thrown a life preserver. I was embarrassed to show anyone the garage and the side yard we
 wanted to tackle. You were nothing but encouraging and positive, making me feel instantly comfortable. You told me your thoughts on
 what could be done, where things could go and made it sound achievable. I appreciated the organized approach you used in outlining
 how we'd accomplish our goal. Before our meeting, I'd felt the task was monumental, but you broke it down, making me see it could be
 done. You told us the supplies we'd need, the process we'd use and helped us get the details worked out.

 I was so excited the morning we got started. It was a lot of elbow grease, hard decisions, and a trip down memory lane. Thank goodness
 you were there every step of the way. If  you remember, by the time we took a break for lunch, I was feeling pretty emotional. I kept
 thinking, "How did we let it get this bad?" You knew the myriad of feelings the process would bring up and were right there with words
 of comfort and encouragement. I can't thank you enough for the warm, right-hand assurance you provided to my husband and myself.
 You were able to assist with every detail. You left us seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and the inspiration to keep going. You were
 wonderful Lynn, truly. I'd highly recommend you and your wonderful services to anyone needing organization or downsizing

 Kathy & James Caldwell, Roseville, CA