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It all began in 2011. My daughter and her two girls moved from Arizona to the family home in the Bay Area. Her home was FILLED with stuff. I spent a long four days helping her clear out the home through the process of sorting, purging, donating and selling, by means of a  two day yard sale. It was a tremedous job and we had to work in a short span of time as I needed to return to my job in California.

In 2013, my then 86 year old father came to make his home with my eldest sister and her husband. He would be downsizing from a 3 bedroom 2 bath house where literally every closet, drawer and cupboard was packed with "stuff". In addition to the main house, there was a guest cottage and a garage that were equally packed full of things that hadn't seen the light of day in over 20 years. Recognizing that it would not be feasible to take everything with him, he knew he needed to downsize BUT he didn't know where or how to start the process. The look on his face was one of being completely OVERWHELMED by the task.

Stepping in, I helped him to break the project down room by room. Eventually we were able to sort through all the possessions, purging what needed to be let go, donating items when we could and then holding two massive weekend yard sales so that he could be sure things went to others instead of just going into the landfill, as well as recoup a small amount financially.

In 2014, I was faced with a life changing moment the result being that I had to sell my home of 35 years. Again, I met the challenge and was able to sort, purge, donate and sell all the possessions I did not need or want.
It was then that the seed was planted and I knew this was something I LOVED to do and that perhaps I could use these newly found skills to help other people. Nothing makes me happier than to clean out a drawer or sort through a closet -  making order out of chaos. I enjoy the process of finding new homes for items that are no longer needed or wanted. The satisfacion I get from seeing order restored and the look of appreciation on the faces of those I've helped is a total JOY to me.
Lynn Colandrea, proprietor
Mansions to Bungalows




Transport your donations to the charitable organization of your choice, bringing back a receipt for your taxes

We will call and make arrangements for the charity to pick up larger items
Provide hands-on assistance to sort through possessions as the first step in the downsizing and de-cluttering process
Facilitate with sensitivity this next step in the downsizing and de-cluttering process




Provide physical strength and direction for senior persons  downsizing especially if due to moving to a smaller home or assisted living situation
Transport items to a recycling center and bring back a receipt
Manage all details for a yard or garage sale, including: advertising, organizing, pricing, and set-up
  What is Downsizing?    Downsizing is reducing the amount of clutter one has accumulated using a variety of
  means such as purging, donating, recycling and selling.

  How much time does a project take? The amount of time varies depending on how quickly the homeowner is
 able to make decisions as well as the overall amount of items that need to be sorted. I generally work in 4 hour

  Do you offer a free consultation? Yes, I offer a 1/2 hour free no obligation consultation in your home.

  What if I have a limited budget?  Mansions to Bungalows will review the scope of work and negogiate a fee.
 We can do the downsizing incrementally as the homeowner's budget and time constraints allow.

  How much do you charge?  For projects of 10 hours or less, I use an hourly rate. For larger projects, I will
 negotiate a flat fee.